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Compare your fuel expenses to others in your industry.

We have created the first database of fuel consumption data from thousands of vehicles, hundreds of customers and ten sectors

We are Fleeti, welcome !

We are a startup evolving in 5 countries. After 1 year of activity we helped our customers save more than 500,000 € and we manage more than 2,000 vehicles. Some of our customers were losing money for YEARS on their fuel budget.

This is why we created a unique database, that gives us a reliable L/100Km depending on the the territory, brand and type of vehicle.

Fuel is your best saving opportunity

In the best case, your fuel over-consumption is due to bad driving habits, or poor maintenance of your fleet. In worst cases, you are a theft victim and you must react. In 6 months, it might already be too late.

Getting fuel data is good, being able to analyze it reliably is better

To optimize your fuel management, it is no longer necessary to waste time, money and commitment by over-equipping your vehicles with on-board technology. With its anonymised database, Fleeti offers you to try out the power of benchmarking. You provide us with a minimalist data spreadsheet, we segment, identify and classify your optimization prospects

The three pillars of our tools.


Detection of suspicious consumption


Decision-making support

We are Fleeti !