Driving scores : the new safety tool for fleets
Driving scores : the new safety tool for fleets

Driving scores : the new safety tool for fleets

As we discussed in this article, the way you drive a vehicle has a huge impact on its costs. Indeed, some behaviors can lead to over-consumption of fuel, but also to premature wear of parts. They also increase the risk of accidents.

Which is why I would like to ask you the following question today : can you, right now, assert that the people driving your vehicles are good drivers?

The most likely answer at this time, if you aren’t equipped with a fleet management solution, is “No, I can’t say for sure”. Indeed, unless you are in the vehicle with someone constantly, you cannot judge their driving. And even if you were with them, some elements are too subtle to be apprehended with the naked eye (over-consumption, speeding…).

However, let us clarify a point: we do not blame the drivers. Most of them want to do their best, and poor driving is often due to poor training in the beginning.

So, let me tell you about a new approach: driving scores.

The driving habits of your drivers have an impact on their safety, the running costs of your vehicle and the vehicle itself : choose driving scores

What is a driving score ?

Well, to make it short, it is a note given to a driver’s driving behavior.

Of course, this score is based on several elements: 

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Turning
  • Pace
  • Mileage 

To make these measurements, different methods are used by the actors of the sector. However, the two main ones are the use of a phone application and the use of a GPS beacon.

Both rely on GPS technology, either via the smartphone’s chip or via the chip in the beacon. Thanks to advances in this technology, measurements are now reliable, even for measurements via the smartphone (depending on the country). However, the use of a beacon is still preferred, because it is more reliable and, above all, multifunctional.

The beacon will record the criteria mentioned above, and then calculate the resulting score using an algorithm.

Depending on the need, the score can be created by averaging over a given period, or for each trip.

Poor driving scores have consequences that are both financial and human for companies
Poor driving scores have consequences that are both financial and human for companies

The evolution of driving scores

These scores are now gaining in importance, especially with insurance companies. They are the main players of the sector, or at least the ones who request these scores. Indeed, some companies take advantage of the opportunity to propose special offers to good drivers. If the driver has a high score, the risk of accident decreases; the insurance company is therefore able to offer lower monthly payments. At the moment, this score can only work in a “positive” way. This means that a person with a low driving score will not pay more than others.

On the other hand, good drivers are offered discounts on the original offer. This “reward” system that values good drivers is a winning solution for insurance companies: drivers, human like all of us, want to pay less for their insurance. They will therefore pay attention to their driving, to increase their score and lower their monthly payments. The number of accidents will decrease, and the insurance company will therefore make less expenses related to the coverage of accident costs. Everyone wins : the driver is safer & saves money, and so does the insurance company.

In addition to the advantage it represents for some insurance companies, the driving score allows you to know more about the driving behaviors of your drivers, and therefore to better ensure their safety if necessary. Indeed, a low driving score is not only a risk of over-consumption. It also means that the driver’s safety is at risk. In fact, the elements measured are factors that increase the risk of an accident.

So, if your drivers have low scores, it is your responsibility to try to improve things, by offering training, coaching or follow-up.

You will win in any case: your drivers will feel safer, you will limit accidents, and you will reduce vehicle-related costs.

Some insurance companies offer a discount on monthly payments when having access to the driving score of a driver
Some insurance companies offer a discount on monthly payments when having access to the driving score of a driver

Driving scores at Fleeti

We, at Fleeti, have developed this driving score. Not only are we now able to provide it for each of your equipped vehicles (and therefore your drivers), but we have also developed a partnership with the MUA in Mauritius.

This partnership is organized as follows: Fleeti produces a driving score; if the company equipped with Fleeti chooses to communicate these scores to the MUA, they can benefit from discounts on their insurance contracts. The MUA also organizes coaching, as well as a follow-up of the evolution of the driving scores and the accident rate for each client company. So we don’t just evaluate you. With this partnership, we give you the keys to improve.

In a nutshell, it’s a three-way relationship: you drive, we evaluate your driving score, the MUA helps you improve, and you get discounts. Winning combo.

Want to test this driving score? 

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