Why you should digitize your forms when using a fleet
Why you should digitize your forms when using a fleet

Why you should digitize your forms when using a fleet

Paper Form

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to the new method to consume less paper, and therefore cut less trees. Well, that’s the secondary objective. I will show you how you, the fleet managers, can simplify your life. Not only yours, by the way. Your drivers’ lives too. Simply with this idea : “digitize your forms”

By the end of this article, paper forms will no longer scare you. In fact, if you adopt the method, they won’t even exist in your companies.

But let’s start by putting ourselves in context.

I) Paper forms in companies

Whatever your field of expertise, retail, delivery, transportation… You probably use forms.

Man with a pen to write a form

The delivery person can ask for a signature against the delivery of a package. The customer who receives the goods from a carrier must sign a receipt attesting to the good reception of the products. Some products may also be returned as damaged. In this case, the driver and the customer must fill out a claim and product return form.

The bottom line is that forms are commonplace in every industry that has automotive fleets. I can guarantee you that’s a lot of paper being used.

For companies, handling and processing these documents can be a problem. Lost documents, misfiling, backlogs, processing delays… And it’s not pleasant to have a pile of forms on your desk that are due for processing in the previous month.

For this reason, new functionalities are emerging to assist fleet managers.

II) Digitize your forms 

As we explained in this article, the Internet has changed a lot of things in all industries. Fleet managers now have tools that facilitate their fleet management (cc Fleeti).

The Internet has also left its mark on our daily administrative life. Indeed, many requests can now be made directly on your computer. Apply for a visa, authorize a bank transfer, prepare your taxes… You are now able to electronically sign your documents and fill them out online.

It makes sense that these new opportunities are available to anyone who could benefit from them. And if you are reading this, you are probably one of them.

That’s why we looked into it. 

The latest innovation we’ve implemented for you? Digitization of all the forms involved in the life of your fleet.

Smartphone to illustrate the digital form idea

You are now able to create the forms that fit your needs, and customize them to your expectations and those of your customers.

Concretely: A product to be returned as defective? A vehicle inspection report? A maintenance to organize? Ask your drivers to fill out a form directly on our app.

These forms can be signed on the driver’s smartphone (by the driver and the customer when necessary) and are automatically sent to the appropriate people in the company. You will be able to follow the completed forms in real time. You will therefore gain in efficiency: a form received during a driver’s tour and not at the end of it can be processed faster.

In the same way, you are able to know during the tour if a product has been delivered, if complaints have been made. If this is the case, it will be easier for you to react quickly.

In addition to reducing paper, digitizing forms has several advantages:

  • Reduce the risk of loss: no loose sheets, and a form sent directly by email after filling it. 
  • Save time: You no longer have to wait until the end of a driver’s shift to receive all the forms filled out during the day. Forms can also be processed more quickly.
  • React efficiently: you don’t discover problems at the end of the day, and are able to solve them more quickly
  • Simplify your life: adopting digital forms gives you peace of mind, thanks to a reliable and efficient system.

These forms are in place at Fleeti. If you would like to try them out in your company, please contact us using the form below.

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