Why managing your fleet is not as complicated as it used to be
Why managing your fleet is not as complicated as it used to be

Why managing your fleet is not as complicated as it used to be

As companies that use fleets know, fleet management has not always been fun, and still isn’t for many of them. As we have seen in this article, acquiring a fleet of vehicles is not simply a matter of buying the vehicles. You then have to insure, maintain and fill them up regularly… a whole series of costs that are sometimes unexpected and that you have to be able to follow. Managing your fleet also means managing the drivers’ schedules and the availability of vehicles, trips, deliveries… A tedious task when you are poorly equipped. For a very long time, all this tracking was done manually, often using spreadsheets like Excel. Inconsistencies, lack of updates… We have listed the reasons why using spreadsheets is not the best solution when managing a fleet of vehicles.

Easy fleet management with new technologies

Today, new technologies are developed. Technologies that can help all sectors, and fleet management is no exception.

These technological advances are mainly linked to the development of the Internet. Indeed, this tool, which most of us use on a daily basis, has completely pushed back the limits of what is possible. It leads us to the heart of a digitalization process, which transforms the physical habits of the past into future digital possibilities. This phenomenon has been accelerated this year by the global Covid crisis, which has caused this digital transition to leap forward. Today, you can do almost anything directly from your smartphone or computer.

Africa is no exception either, and this digital transformation is starting to be noticed on the continent.

This digitization is benefiting fleet managers of companies in the territory. It is now possible for them to manage all of their vehicles, with no limit to the number, in a simple and centralized way, which is actually quite revolutionary. Accustomed to archaic management models, the time saved thanks to these solutions opens up new opportunities for managers, who can concentrate on the company’s core business. These technologies are based on a recent system, known as SaaS, which allows access to a complete platform, with only an Internet connection required.

The creators of these platforms centralize the data, in order to avoid the problems of the past: loss of data, lack of information, lack of information updates, difficulty of organization and follow-up…


Why do we talk about easy fleet management ?

Such systems allow overall real-time monitoring of the vehicle fleet, from fuel consumption to implementation of preventive maintenance, as well as the generation of detailed reports on issues specific to each company.

They overcome the complications created by manual fleet management, making it something simple to understand. There is no need to get lost in dozens of Excel files: everything is just a click away. 

Your fuel consumption for example: instead of waiting for the expense reports of each driver, or making regular statements of your bank accounts that you integrate into Excel, you can simply link your fuel cards to our platform, and see in real time the consumption of each. Instead of having to create analysis graphs manually, the platform automatically provides you with advanced analyses, and also alerts you to any abnormal behavior. 

Possibilities are numerous, but above all adaptable to your needs. It is no longer necessary to dive into oceans of data to try to draw approximate conclusions: we provide you with clear and personalized information according to the problems of your company.

The time saved is considerable. The automation of the updating, monitoring, analysis and reporting processes frees the people involved from these tasks, which are repetitive and prone to errors when done manually. Making the choice of a platform is ensuring the reliability of data and the quality of your analyses.

The specialization choice :

Some, like Fleeti, specialize in issues specific to continents and territories. We have chosen to specialize our platform on fuel management. Indeed, for African car fleets, fuel is a subject of paramount importance, as it is too often misunderstood. Through our platform and our sensors, we allow you to access in real time the fuel consumption of your vehicles, but we also set up alerts in case of significant decrease. You get insights on the driving behavior of the drivers, and much more…

So, get in the car, and let us do the driving of your fleet ! 

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