Deliveries, or how companies lose valuable time.
Deliveries, or how companies lose valuable time.

Deliveries, or how companies lose valuable time.

There are many delivery companies, and many of them lose precious time due to a lack of optimization of their routes. This is especially true for last mile delivery companies.

In the countries where we operate, we have noticed this lack of organization. Some companies do not have easy access to the schedules of their vehicles, do not know when they are available, and sometimes, some vehicles remain stopped while others are overloaded with deliveries. The same is true for delivery drivers. In addition, it is difficult for managers to communicate with the latest (and vice versa) once they have left on their rounds. It is an issue when you know that unforeseen events can occur at any time.

The routes themselves are not optimized either, since the delivery order is not always considered an important element. There is also the risk of losing delivery documents, which are essential for companies as proof of good delivery. 

Yet, these elements are of paramount importance:

  • idle vehicles are depreciating assets that do not generate revenue
  • poorly optimized routes mean extra kilometers and therefore extra fuel and maintenance costs
  • poor distribution of missions means losing time and therefore reducing delivery capacity
  • the loss of important documents is the insurance of inconsistencies in the stocks and the accounts of the company
Illustration of a delivery process.

This is why Fleeti has set up the mission & planning module for you

This module offers you several possibilities.

1) Team organization 

With this module, you will have a real time view of the availability of your drivers and vehicles to organize the work of your teams in an optimal way. No need to find out if a vehicle is already in use, or when it will be available again: everything is on the platform.

2) Employee involvement

Thanks to our mobile application, you can communicate directly with your employees. They will be able to provide you with field data in real time. The exchange of information is instantaneous, and they will be able to inform you if a delivery is late, so that you can make decisions to ensure the next ones.

3) Mission management 

Thanks to our intuitive mission management schedule, you can check where your employees are, manage the availability of your vehicles, and modify the tour schedule in real time. The drivers are immediately informed, via the application, of possible modifications. This allows you to adapt very quickly to any unforeseen situation. It is an essential tool for delivery optimization.

4) Use of the agenda

Our interactive and easy-to-use calendar allows you to organize the work of your drivers according to the availability of vehicles. You will have a real time view of your fleet management according to the missions of the day.

5) Analysis of your organization

See how often vehicles or drivers are deployed over a given period of time. You’ll get reports on delivery times, completed missions and fleet schedules. You can then note optimization opportunities and implement them to increase efficiency.

6) Hunt for superfluous documentation

Centralize all your documents (delivery notes, receipts…) on our mobile application dedicated to your drivers. No more loose sheets, everything is on the app, so everything is immediately updated. You can know at any time if a customer has signed the receipt and received his order: you don’t have to wait for the return of the drivers to update your information, nor to run the risk of lost documents as everything is digitized.

Hand to hand delivery of a package

Delivery optimization is essential to growing your business. It’s also a way to set yourself apart.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to get in touch with us via the form at the end of the page, or visit Fleeti. You can also check out our other articles, to learn more about the importance of a preventive maintenance cycle for example.