The future of mobility and its impact on fleet management.
The future of mobility and its impact on fleet management.

The future of mobility and its impact on fleet management.

Logistics and mobility are undergoing yet another revolution, and you can already see it in Alibaba’s or Amazon’s warehouses. Robots, delivery drones and autonomous vehicles are taking over our daily lives. How will fleet management be transformed in the face of all this changes?

The future of mobility for vehicle fleets

Tomorrow’s tech

The Internet of Things promises to dramatically improve the security, productivity and connectedness of our organizations.

Faced with this ever-increasing flood of data, (90% of the world’s generated data is less than two years old), we won’t be able to do without management software. Spending time working on tasks that could be automated by fleet technology will not be conceivable.

Autonomous vehicles 

One of the most talked about trends in the fleet industry is autonomous vehicles (AVs). Automakers and technology companies are joining forces in the race to adopt these vehicles.

Newer vehicles already have driver assistance features, such as lane keeping and parking assistance. 

At the same time, companies like Tesla are offering autopilot features, although their cars are not designated as fully autonomous.

Fleet service operators like Stanley Steemer are already thinking about the arrival of autonomous vehicles in their sector, and its consequences. In particular, they could free up the driver who will become an operator to improve communication with the customer, the filling in of reports, or mange the arrival of new services.

Indeed, for such expensive assets, it is important to have an exhaustive control of costs to maximize the return on investment. Thus, the classic functions of maintenance and cost monitoring will remain essential.

Delivery drones 

Recreational and commercial use of drones has grown very rapidly, while regulations continue to be determined.

For last-mile delivery fleets, drones offer a unique opportunity to solve the “quick delivery” issue. 

The acceleration of online shopping growth through covid has presented significant business opportunities.

In 2016, Amazon successfully delivered a package by drone without the help of a human pilot. The company says it will be able to deliver packages under five pounds in 30 minutes or less. 

Adopt these technologies and increase your margins?

The use of advanced mobility could be the next lever to reach more customers at a lower cost and in less time.

To interact with technologies, fleet management software is a necessity, not only a nice to have!

Just as driving becomes autonomous, so should certain tasks related to fleet operations. This is already happening in our industry today.

Automating tedious data entry, automatically calculating fuel and maintenance expenses (among other costs), determining the true total cost of ownership of an asset… our platform supports you in your daily tasks.

The expansion of vehicle connectivity and available information is helping to increase vehicle safety, especially with laser technology that allows the vehicle to map 360-degree views, provides instant feedback and detects immediate dangers.

Future of fleet management 

New technologies require more and more experts to understand them, to implement them and to have a critical mind on their daily use.

It is clear that we will not be able to do without management software and sensors or automation technologies. The investments made in vehicle fleets explain why we have to monitor the smallest operational costs and anticipate possible failures. Adding new techs is a must to stay up to date, and with their integration, preventive maintenance will be more than necessary. 

Thus, the software will inevitably propose modules for :

  • preventive maintenance 
  • monitoring of drivers’ deliveries
  • communication with drivers on smartphone
  • management of tasks and rounds
  • digitization of paper forms
  • fuel control
  • temperature control of refrigerated vehicles

Like us, you know that we are entering an exciting era for fleet management. Your teams will change, just like your fleet and your organization.

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