Fleeti and VRS: story of a two-scale partnership
Fleeti and VRS: story of a two-scale partnership

Fleeti and VRS: story of a two-scale partnership

I) Our partner

Voltacars Rental Services, better known by its acronym VRS, is a major player in “Operating Lease” in West Africa; that is to say, the Long Term Rental of vehicles with services. VRS has a B2B positioning and offers medium and long-term mobility solutions. Each customer is treated independently and is offered personalized responses to their needs. Companies benefit from a wide range of vehicles thanks to the various partnerships VRS has with the major brands in the automotive industry.

In addition to Operating Lease, the company offers a range of services related to the automotive world, including insurance and maintenance solutions, as well as geolocation and detailed vehicle data tracking as part of our partnership. The goal is simple: to provide companies with access to vehicles that meet their needs and facilitate their operations.

The company defends strong values, first of all expertise, but also dedication, innovation and efficiency. These values are embodied on a daily basis in the life of the company, its vision and the solutions it offers its customers, which are always geared towards providing an irreproachable quality of service.

II) Birth of a two scale relationship

Before being commercial, this partnership is the result of a meeting between Iban Olçomendy and Jérôme de Villard, respectively Co-Founder of Fleeti, and CEO of VRS.

Iban and Jérôme share the same objective: to facilitate fleet management for companies on the African continent. For VRS, this means offering an operating lease with additional, high value-added services. For Fleeti, it means developing intuitive software that puts data analysis at the heart of companies’ operational strategies. 

This partnership allows companies to make significant savings on fleet management costs (rental, maintenance, fuel, insurance, tires, etc.) thanks to better data management, optimization of travel and fuel consumption, etc.

It is therefore strategic as it enables VRS to broaden its offer and bring new customers to its services. For Fleeti, this partnership is a response to a strong desire for development on African territory and more particularly in West Africa.

III) And on the field?

What does our partnership mean in concrete terms?

Since January 2021, VRS has been distributing our solution in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal.

Fleeti x VRS in numbers:

– 3 countries

– 30 end customers

– 8 people in Ghana

– 15 people in Ivory Coast

And this is only the beginning, as Fleeti and VRS plan to open new countries as of 2022!

V) The word of Jérôme de Villard, CEO of VRS:

“The VRS X Fleeti partnership allows us to bring together two complementary and innovative ideas. We take the best of both structures: the agility and diversification offered by Fleeti, and our experience and market recognition. Fleeti brings us a lot of experience in mastering some digital tools that are useful for improving our prospecting and customer relations. Together, we offer a very complete package.”

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