4 Advices to optimize the fuel management of your fleet
4 Advices to optimize the fuel management of your fleet

4 Advices to optimize the fuel management of your fleet

Costs associated with the management of your fleet are mainly impacted by your fuel costs, and you need a management system that allows you to monitor and optimise these costs. Here are 4 advantages, that will convince you to switch to digital fuel management, to reduce your costs.

1- Track your costs with a software focused on fuel management

Whether your vehicles consume 3, 10 or 50 liters per 100km, it is essential, in order to respect your budget, to be able to monitor your fuel consumption while foreseeing future costs. 

According to a study by Deloitte on “Fleet Management” in 2017, fuel represents 40% of the overall expenses linked to the ownership of a vehicle.

However, it is very difficult to do this tracking manually if you have hundreds of assets spread over several sites.

When the fuel management system of your fleet relies on manual entries, it seems impossible to take into account each and every driver and each and every fill up they make, as they fill up their fuel tank several times a week, if not everyday.

Being reactive on maintenance and breakdown issues within the fleet while also needing to make sure the table for fuel consumption is always up to date is something complex to ask your team, especially knowing that that table is often hard to understand or to read.

Of course, entering data in an Excel spreadsheet is simple, but doing so under these circumstances is prone to error and does not promote optimal productivity of your teams.

Which is where the fuel management software comes into play. It allows you to know the fuel consumption and automatically calculates your fuel costs in real time.

Fleet managers see their daily life simplified and can focus on tasks with higher added value for the company such as maximizing the operational efficiency of their fleets (preventive and predictive maintenance).

2- Integrate fuel cards into fuel management software

The use of fuel cards for fleets and their direct integration into fleet management software is a first solution to manage fuel costs.

This allows data to flow seamlessly from the fuel purchase to the cloud-based fleet management software, without the need for data entry or calculations.

With fuel cards, you can limit frauds while benefiting from rewards and other promotional benefits.

3- Tracking data with on-board beacons

The fact that your fleet is always on the move should not make your fuel management complicated. At Fleeti, we operate in a way that prevents you from using bulky hardware and complex and expensive softwares.

Most of the time, fleet managers manually enter data extracted from torn and damaged receipts, they get annoyed, make mistakes and waste time.

Thanks to the latest technology sensors embedded in your fleet, or to the probes installed in your truck tanks, the data is automatically uploaded to the management platform at least on a daily basis. No more manual data entry or connectivity problems with your remote devices.

This way, we are able to detect suspicious behavior and offer solutions that always have a dissuasive effect on the rest of your teams. Savings can quickly be counted in double-digit percentages; at Fleeti, we’re talking about 10%!

4- An automatic digital fuel economy calculator

Finally, the last advantage of using a fuel management software is to have a solution that automatically calculates fuel savings.

Instead of browsing the Internet to find a reliable fuel savings calculator, and then uploading piece by piece the data for each of your vehicles, fleet managers can use the fuel management software to automatically calculate the savings made for each asset.